Sherry Tippery

Sr Account Services Manager
The best part of working at Yesmail is my colleagues. I work alongside some of the finest people in the industry. Yesmail draws a wide variety of talents and personalities; people who are passionate about the interactive marketing industry and providing top notch service to our partners. I am part of a great team with similar mind-sets: everyone wants to do well and work as a team. Secondly, I enjoy the variety, no two days are the same and there is always something new to keep me challenged.

Sherry joined the infoGroup/Yesmail family in June 2003.  Throughout the years Sherry has taken advantage of different opportunities representing the Client Services Organization at Yesmail. Starting as an Account Manager, Senior Account Manager and then Account Director building a cohesive team in the Omaha office.  She is currently taking on a new challenge as Senior User Client Manager and works closely with the core account teams that manages the day-to-day client relationships.  She offers additional support and consultation to help address and resolve specific client needs.