Robert Groves

Robert Groves, Technical Lead, CS Engineering
Technical Lead, CS Engineering
Why did I want to work for Yesmail Interactive? There were two main factors. One was the opportunity to tackle new challenges within a new area of focus (Digital Marketing). The second was the opportunity to further grow my talents and skillset in such a dynamic work environment. Getting to work with such great people on a daily basis turned out to be an added bonus.

Robert has over 15 years of experience providing technology solutions within the marketing industry, mostly in the Direct Mail and Database Marketing spaces. These days his focus is on applying innovative technology solutions to the realm of Digital Direct Marketing.

Robert joined Chicago's Yesmail team, coming onboard as a CSE, in January 2013. Robert is passionate about technology and loves to solve problems through the design, development and implementation of elegant software.

Robert believes in the philosophy of continuous improvement and is always looking to learn something new. He strives to be a better developer today than he was yesterday; always seeking to apply lessons learned to his day-to-day work. He prides himself on having an "intrapreneurial" spirit and attempts to push boundaries and smash the status-quo in order to drive internal processes and technologies used forward; all this in an effort to help ensure we remain leaders of our industry.