Pankaj Sibal

Technical Lead
Yesmail provides a platform to constantly enhance and upgrade oneself in this rapidly changing technical environment. We are encouraged to learn and experiment with new technologies and implement the same to better serve our clients. The turnaround time from getting your idea or suggestion all the way to live production environment is fairly fast seldom seen in other organizations. The support and confidence bestowed by my seniors here in Yesmail is unparalleled making it one of the best companies to work for

Passionate about technology, Pankaj Sibal is a Technical Lead with Yesmail, responsible for supporting and charting the technical roadmap for Yesmail Express and Open Time Personalization (OTP). A seasoned Enterprise Applicaiton Developer and an avid Architecht, Pankaj employs his wide experience and knowledge to support and constantly optimize Yesmail's Express and OTP products resulting in improved client experience. Before joining Yesmail, Pankaj had the opportunity to work in global organization like IBM and Oracle catering to prestigious clients such as Barclays, Airtel and Telus.