Ivy Shtereva

Ivy Shtereva, Marketing Manager
Product Marketing Manager
I love my team here, at Yesmail. As anyone would attest to, I am the least charming person in the morning and yet somehow I wake up (almost!) excited to go to work. I can’t imagine a more stimulating, supportive and collaborative environment and the fact that we hang out outside of work makes it even better. It is one thing to constantly want to do well to impress your coworkers, and it’s a completely different thing to want to be successful in order to enhance your friends’ efforts.

Ivy has been an instant fit with Yesmail ever since she joined in February 2012. Ivy comes with a background in software marketing and experience on the agency side working with major CPG and service industry clients. She moved to the US to attend Northwestern University and fell in love with the Windy City, the lake, and, yes, the CTA. In her spare time Ivy likes to attend local music festivals, dominate at whirlyball, and most recently, go skydiving and scuba diving.