Dan Duling

Dan Duling, Director, Solutions Architecture
Director, Solutions Architecture
Yes! I enjoy working at Yesmail. The company allows you the freedom to make the job your own. The only thing that prevents a person from excelling is their own limiting belief. The “Yes” culture is equally sensitive to people and performance while outside the box thinking is not only accepted, but applauded. The result of employee creativity is building innovative solutions.

Dan came to us from sunny Florida where he earned his degree from Florida State University. During his time at Yesmail, Dan has played a key role in understanding and developing the solutions which meet our client’s requirements. He is continually reviewing client programs in order to formulate the right mix of solutions to improve and grow cross channel programs. Dan has always loved to learn how things work! He's a problem solver that understands the big-picture business goals that drive projects. Dan says, “A problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made… as it is impossible until it is not.  We should attempt the impossible in order to improve our work.”