Christy Parrish

Executive Relationship Owner
Being part of the Yesmail team, there is always something new to pique and/or satisfy my curiosity. Partnering on our clients' marketing programs, we can watch the experience unfold for their customer, push the boundaries of innovation, and share in their successes. It provides a breadth of opportunity to employ marketing strategy and tactics, and watch what happens then learn and innovate all over again. With a solid platform & technology, and best-in-class agency services, the potential for outstanding client partnership is more than possible. Executive Relationship Owners are an adjunct to client services where we specialize in key client affiliations and major client partnerships. Being able to expand on our relevance, breadth of service and stickiness with our clients is my goal. Whether I'm driving a contract renewal, leading account planning or launching new business, I look to deliver results, share knowledge and improve our value to our clients.

Christy is an Executive Relationship Owner for Yesmail Interactive, and performs the function of client partner for Yesmail's key accounts. With over 16 years experience in interactive marketing, with focus in the areas of retail, CPG and the financial services industries, Christy has a broad base of cross-channel knowledge to share with clients and team members. Since joining Yesmail 9 years ago, she has managed teams supporting Yesmail's major accounts and is the force behind some of the largest account growth and client ROI in Yesmail history. She is well-versed in the Yesmail product and agency services, and her key partnerships have included eBay, Visa, HP, Coca-Cola, U.S. Bank, Nationwide Insurance, Apple and Disney. She was also a principle project manager for the launch of retail website, while working for Readers Digest. Christy has enjoyed being a board member for the Portland, OR chapter of the Association for Women in Communications, and is an alumnus of Portland State University’s Extended Studies program, with an emphasis on project management.