Brad Van Der Woerd

Brad Van Der Woerd, Director, Market Intelligence & Deliverability
Director, Market Intelligence & Deliverability
At Yesmail, we’ve focused on the ever-increasing importance of data hygiene and its relationship to campaign performance. Our efforts to improve each facet of our customers’ programs make our work at Yesmail very all-encompassing.

Brad van der Woerd has been deeply involved with digital marketing and the email deliverability space for the past 5 years. Since becoming Director of Deliverability for Yesmail in 2011, Brad has created business strategies for various Fortune 500 companies (HP, eBay, Coke) to assist with overall deliverability rates and maintain positive reputation within the industry.

Brad’s experience at Yesmail includes a deep understanding of how marketers today can grow their email engagement and audience through multiple digital channels, while sustaining strong deliverability and generating the most ROI possible.