Case Studies


Silver Star Brands

Key Solution Areas:
Data analysis, email marketing strategy


Silver Star Brands had been on a sales and earning plateau for several years up until 2013. In 2014, Silver Star underwent a major overhaul—in less than a year and under budget—that produced an immediate increase in profitability and beat forecasts. By re-evaluating the needs of its customers and market, Silver Star rebalanced its investment into strategies, technology, and people. This revitalization included selecting a single partner, Yes Lifecycle Marketing, to transform its database and email marketing initiatives.


Kathy Hecht, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Silver Star Brands, along with her team, broke down legacy processes and embraced a more customer centric approach to marketing, thus changing the way promotion and circulation planning decisions were made within the organization. They augmented traditional campaign-centric analyses by introducing new concepts and approaches that focused on customers rather than campaigns. With insights and guidance from Yes Lifecycle Marketing, Hecht and her team were able to determine whether their company was mailing too many catalogs to unresponsive customers. The findings:

  • More than 50% of new Silver Star customers place orders in response to the second or third catalog they receive
  • Less than 9% place their first order after receiving their eighth catalog


Silver Star worked with Yes Lifecycle Marketing to enhance its triggered email program and personalize messages based on customers’ online behavior. For instance, when a customer subscribes to email communications, Silver Star sends her a multi-touch welcome series. This automated email sequence—which was previously a single touch and deployed manually—offers purchase incentives and encourages sign-ups for Silver Star’s rewards program and social sharing, among other things. Nearly a quarter of subscribers open these welcome messages.

These triggered emails are just a snapshot of the many Silver Star enhanced and implemented after working with Yesmail. The campaigns ultimately had a profound impact on conversions. For instance, Silver Star’s welcome, abandoned cart, post-purchase, and birthday emails for Miles Kimball that were deployed between January and April 2015 (when the brand was fully on-board with Yesmail) outperformed those from the same period in 2014:

  • The number of orders increased almost 3.5 times
  • The number of orders per click increased by 41%
  • Revenue per click increased by 24%
  • Revenue almost tripled

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