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  • - Yes Lifecycle Marketing - Case Study

Key Solution Areas:
Deliverability, Triggered Emails, Account Set-up, and Client Support


  • Over 45% increase in revenue 
  • 100% of emails are inboxed thanks to improved deliverability 
  • 53% reduction in unsubscribe rate
  • Reduced workload for building and optimizing email programs 
  • Reduced need for manual intervention 
  • Reduced cost of operation 
  • More robust and flexible triggered email campaign

Like any online retailer, relies on email marketing to drive revenue. To this end, hired Kimberly Snyder, Email and Loyalty Marketing Manager, to make improvements. Having previously worked as a director at a leading email service provider (ESP), Snyder is a highly knowledgeable email marketer with rare insight into the ESP marketplace.

Upon joining, Snyder immediately discovered she needed to improve Backcountry’s email marketing capabilities. She had inherited an ESP that did not meet her high expectations and could not deliver on the company’s goals. “I quickly uncovered a lot of pain points tied to our previous ESP,” says Snyder.

During the selection process, Yesmail stood out among the contenders. “Yesmail outperformed at every level,” explains Snyder. “I use segmentation and automated dynamic content blocks to the hilt, so I really need segmentation and dynamic content tools that are robust and smart. Yesmail has a really nice drag-and-drop functionality: once I do an API call for an event trigger, it’s very easy to use the tools to build upon that and decide different paths for different customers depending on what action they take. To be able to easily create and optimize my campaigns and dynamic emails without spending more money is tremendous.”

Yesmail also excelled in terms of account set-up and cost effectiveness. “I wanted an ESP to meet my exact needs in terms of account structure,” states Snyder. “Having nine websites, I wanted to make sure they were each set-up properly. In addition, we are all in a budget-conscious world now, so I needed a really smart tool at a good cost.”

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