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Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: August

July 26, 2016 - By Gurjit Sandhu - Email Inspiration

Savvy marketers don’t just plan for major holidays like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They see opportunities throughout the year and develop communications that not only speak to consumers’ needs at different times but also capitalize on unique energy moments.

To complement our recently released guide to creating a Customer-centric Marketing Calendar, we’ve put together this sample calendar for August 2016, complete with major holidays, unique seasonal events, and examples of well-executed themed campaigns to help marketers achieve impactful August results.

To learn more, access the full 12-month marketing calendar and step-by-step guide here:

Creative sample sources:

About the Author
, Sr. Marketing Specialist - Gurjit Sandhu has been in digital and direct marketing for over 6 years, delivering marketing and event management solutions in both fast-paced corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Energized by strategic thinking and the power of marketing technology, she collaborates closely with cross functional teams at Yesmail to spearhead multi-channel communications that highlight product innovations in email marketing. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Gurjit has lived and worked in London and New York City and is now based in Chicago.