Holiday Resources

Welcome to Yes Lifecycle Marketing’s 2016 Holiday Resources Page. Check out our resources below to learn all things holiday and help you plan for a successful holiday marketing season.


With holiday season marketing beginning earlier every year, a well-planned cross-channel  campaign can deliver massive financial gains from the holiday season. To help you begin your planning on the right note, browse through these resources to get cross-channel tips and best practices applicable for the holidays.


Behind any successful holiday retail season is a plan that matches what you know about your customer with how they prefer to make purchases. See below to learn all about using data driven strategies to help evolve your purchase process and maximize potential revenue during the holidays and into 2017. 

[WHITEPAPER] Eight Online Retail Strategies to Implement Before Q4

To help retailers develop programs that resonate with digital consumers, we’ve identified EIGHT innovative strategies to cater to consumers’ shift to digital

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[ASK-THE-EXPERT] Clienteling: How to Personalize the In-Store Experience for Customers

During the holidays, marketers need to work to extend the data and analytics they are collecting and using to the store associates. This can be done through a clienteling solution. Read on to learn more.  

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[BLOG] 3 Tips for Retailers to Conquer the 2016 Holiday Season and Beyond

As we know from last year the trend in spending is shifting online during major holidays in 2015, which means retailers need to take charge of the digital wave before they drown in it. Read this blog to get 3 tips to move on ASAP before the holiday season begins. 

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Gaining new subscribers and reactivating older subscribers before the holiday season can help optimize your chances to convert as many consumers as possible. Check out the recommendations below to get low-cost acquisition and retention strategies that can yield great results for your marketing program and effectively  grow your subscriber base before the holidays. 

[BLOG] 3 Low Cost Acquisition Strategies

Read this blog to learn how to quickly and effectively gain new subscribers just in time for the holiday rush. Get tips on using social media, point-of-sale, and more to expand your reach and yield great results during the most lucrative time of the year.

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[BLOG] 4 Steps to Creating a Cross-Channel Win Back Strategy

As opposed to acquring new customers, creating a cross-channel win back strategy in advance of the upcoming holiday season is much more cost-effective and can save marketers valuable marketing dollars. Read on to learn how to craft a robust cross-chanel win back strategy.

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[BLOG] 4 Steps to Organic Growth

Read on to learn four organic opportunities that you can implement to help you build an organic growth strategy before the holidays.    

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