Wants To Know: What Do Marketers Fear The Most?

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What goes bump in the night to scare marketers this Halloween? While we couldn't track down Michael Meyers, we did manage to find some marketing leaders who were willing to share their fears with us. Don't be afraid to read what they have to say—just leave the lights on.

Linda Vetter, VP of Marketing, Yes Lifecycle Marketing
The scariest part of marketing today is measuring ROI. With customers having a multitude of channels they can interact with, brands are continuously trying to meet the demands of the multichannel customer. As such, marketers must choose, and choose wisely, which of these channels will effectively garner the greatest lift in the bottom line–revenue. The basic data points marketers receive from display ad clicks, sponsored social promos, email opens, SMS, and push campaigns are not necessarily rich enough to determine if any of these respective channels have directly affected incremental revenue. Marketers today are not simply marketers; they must also wear the hat of data analyst in order to fully interpret all the data touch points of the customer journey.


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