Better clienteling will help retailers improve sales, service: report

Media Source: Luxury Daily

According to a new study by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, many retailers are still unwilling or unequipped to tailor customer service to the individual.

The study looks at retailers in a variety of different sectors and finds that many have not sufficiently tracked clientele and are thus unable to provide sales associates with the personalized data that will help initiate and close a transaction. With consumers navigating freely between mobile, Web and in-store shopping, and brands therefore able to gather more information than ever before about frequent shoppers, properly cataloguing clientele has emerged as a way to provide the best possible customer service and showcase a great branded experience.

“From our research, we found that retailers are struggling, overwhelmingly so, with two major business challenges: differentiating themselves from their competition and identifying and understanding who their best customers are,” said Anthony Pauley, senior marketing manager at Yes Lifecycle Marketing.

“Clienteling can help address these challenges upfront,” he said. “By leveraging omnichannel customer data to create a more personalized in-store experience, retailers can better engage their customers and greatly increase customer loyalty.”


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